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Triquetra Ouroboros Pendant


Imperial Aquila Pendant


Chaos Star Pendant

Michael Myers Knife Horror Pendant


Creature from the Black Lagoon Ring


Inquisition Insignia Pendant

Bear Paw Pendant


Snake Pendant


Inquisition Insignia Ring

Medium Crow Claw Ring


Yennefer Medallion Witcher Pendant


Griffin School Witcher Medallion Pendant

Wolf School Witcher Ring


Snake Ring


Mouse Ring


One Ring


Killer Klowns From Outer Space Ring


Terminator T-800 Ring


Space Marines Ring


Wolf Skull Pendant


Dead Space Marker Pendant

Girl with Balloon Pendant


Starcraft Terran Pendant


Starcraft Zerg Pendant


Two Wolves Ring


Creature from the Black Lagoon Pendant


Wolf School Witcher Small Ring


Octopus Ring


Grey Wardens Dragon Age Pendant

Lynx Head Pendant


Septim Coin


Phantom Creeps Robot Ring


Chester Bennington Linkin Park Pendant


Scream Ring


Addams Family Thing Pendant


Wolf Cross Pendant